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Bio Products Pricing Comparison

Not all brands listed below may be available for home delivery.

price per package
All-Nighter Logs 240 logs/pallet
(1920 lbs.)
$475 $464 $2.50/log
Canawick Bricks Hardwood
2160 lbs.
90 sleeves,
12 bricks/sleeve
$306 $299 $5/pkg
Envi Blocks 2000 lbs.
105 sleeves
3 blocks/sleeve
$306 $299 $4/sleeve
Envi-8 Blocks 2000 lbs.
100 sleeves
6 blocks/sleeve
$296 $289 $4/sleeve
Home Fire Prest Logs 190 logs/half pallet
(950 lbs.)
$306/half pallet $299/half pallet
380 logs/pallet
(1900 lbs.)
$542/pallet $529/pallet
North Idaho Energy Logs 240 logs/pallet
(1920 lbs.)
$455 $444 $2.50/log

Southern Maine Renewable Fuels has thoroughly tested all Bio Products that we sell. By offering the easy to light Canawick Bricks, and supplementing these with the longer duration products including the All-Nighter, Envi Blocks, Home Fire Prest Logs and North Idaho Energy Logs, you'll maximize your heat output while eliminating unnecessary feed cycles. Unlike cordwood, the Btu and moisture content of all Bio Products is constant. Once you establish your optimum damper settings and feed cycle, your burn time and heat output for a given quantity of product will remain constant.

Which fuels are best for me?

While all fuels that we sell are suitable for a well maintained appliance, we've noted additional information below.

Product Weight/unit Burn Time* Comments
All-Nighter Logs 8 lbs. 4-8 hrs/log Best used when added to existing fire to extend burn. 4 inches in diameter and 13 inches long.
Canawick Aprox. 2 lbs 1-2 hrs/brick Easy to light. Minimal kindling required to ignite when cold.
Envi-8 Blocks 3-4 lbs. 2-4 hrs/brick Requires more kindling to ignite compared to BioBrick or CozyLog. Longer duration burn due to larger physical size. Best used when added to an existing fire.
Envi Blocks 6-7 lbs. 3-6 hrs/brick Same as Envi-8.
Home Fire Prest Logs 5 lbs. 4-8 hrs/log Difficult to light without adequate kindling. Best used when added to existing fire. Does not "accordion" when burning. Glowing "coal like" mass remains even after 8 hours of burn. THE BEST LONG DURATION LOG AVAILABLE!
North Idaho Energy Logs 8 lbs. 4-8 hrs/log Best used when added to existing fire to extend burn. 4 inches in diameter and 13 inches long.

*Burn times are typical. Yours may vary depending on the appliance's condition and/or efficiency. Note: All Bio Products are intended for use in a well maintained appliance. Use the appropriate number of bricks or logs in your appliance when conducting initial burn tests (2-4 Canawick Bricks and 1-2 Envi Blocks, All-Nighter Logs or Energy Logs). Contact the manufacturer of your appliance if you have any questions regarding the suitability of Bio Products for your particular stove.