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Our bio products include Canawick Bricks, Envi Blocks, Home Fire Prest Logs, Energy Logs and All Nighter Logs...

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We offer low sulfer Anthracite heating coal...

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Compare prices of pellet fuel to electricity, firewood, natural gas, coal and heating oil.

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Warm your Heart while Heating your Home.

In addition to heating your home, Southern Maine Renewable Fuels will also assist in warming a few hearts as well. Check out our Helping Hand initiative on our About Us page, which supports our friends at Camp Waban in Sanford and Camp Sunshine in Casco.

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Prompt, reliable, friendly.

Tim ~ Saco, Maine

Honest about products, quick, friendly response and accommodating delivery.

Stephanie ~ York, Maine

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Fuel the Heat with Southern Maine Renewable Fuels

Monday, January 26th

Blizzard Preparations...Both our Windham and Wells locations will be closed on Tuesday, January 27. In the event of an emergency, please call 892-3702 and we will do our best to meet you at our Windham location. Travel may be impossible tomorrow into early Wednesday.

With high winds forecasted, be prepared for scattered power outages.

Customer Pick-up Hours.

Windham: Tuesday-Friday, 9:00-4:00; Saturday, 9:00-Noon. [Directions] Closed Sunday & Monday.

Wells: Tuesday-Friday 9:00-4:00, Saturday 9:00-Noon. [Directions] Closed Sunday & Monday.

Our Windham location currenty has bio products and wood pellets available for customer pick-up, including Okanagan, Cubex and Canawick available by the bag and by the pallet.

Okanagan pellets and bio products are also available at our Wells location.

Please call 892-3702 to confirm availability of wood pellets and/or bio products before traveling to either location.

We reserve the right to limit the amount of fuel sold to any individual on any given day based on current inventory. There may be occasions that certain products will be availble by the package or bag only.

At this time, we anticipate a reasonably good supply of product for customer pick-up during the coldest part of the upcoming heating season.

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Note: As of July 10, 2013, we are no longer able to provide home deliveries to our New Hampshire customers.

Safety note:

If you're picking up fuel with either a pick-up truck or trailer, we will only load full pallets onto vehicles and trailers that are appropriately rated and mechanically sound.

We will use our discretion in determining the safe placement of product using our equipment. Should you decide to transport the contents of an entire pallet that we will not load directly with our forklift, you will have the option of personally hand loading the contents of the pallet onto your vehicle and/or trailer at your discretion. All full pallets must be transported on the day of purchase.

In most instances, two trips will usually provide for the safe transport of an entire pallet with most small trucks and car/trailer combinations. It's not just a matter of will it fit. Weight distribution and safe braking capability are key to transporting the load safely!

Please understand that SAFETY is our primary concern here. Thank you for your understanding.

Thanks for your continued patronage, and for helping fuel the Local economy!

January weather at a glance

Valuable tool to help plan your week ahead.

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Fuel oil prices.

Click here for current Maine Pricing, and see our Fuel Calculator to compare various fuel costs and your potential yearly savings by burning wood pellets and/or Bio products.

Did you use more fuel last winter? Here's why!

Heating degree days (HDD) determine your fuel usage. As an example, for the 2012-2013 Portland, Maine area (July 1, 2012 to February 17, 2013), we were at 4240 HDD. Last heating season (2013-2014), for the same time period, we were at 4791 HDD, nearly 12% more than the previous year.

It's interesting to note that we were only about 3.5% above average for a normal winter (30 year average for that date is 4619 HDD). What to expect this year? More to come!

Click here for an explanation on HDD from the National Weather Service.

How do your pellets stack up?

Here is the 2011-2012 pellet review in PDF format (entire file is 3.95 mb, 38 pages). It compares Btu, ash content and fines for many of the local pellets available on the market today. Please read pages 18 and 19 for the testing protocol and a list of results.

Check out woodpelletreviews.com for a more current assessment.

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